VJ Yourself was established by Andor Merks in 2009, East London. Merks started his research on interactive video and open-art in 2003. The same year he became a Video Jockey, utilizing his software experiments in the underground club scene.

Till 2009 his softwares were made for 'insiders': video artists & VJs. By establishing VJ Yourself, he put his audience in the focus. They are invited to participate in the creative process. Passive viewers become active collaborators, whose actions and inspiration play a vital role in the real-time 'actualization' of the art-work. The centuries old barrier between artist, art-work and audience is joyfully blurring away.

We pursue his vision parallel in theory and in practice:
Creative Apps
Our 'touch friendly' interactive concepts are also released for phones & tablets. Download, experiment and share your creations with us!  play more >
Events / Exhibitions
We love bringing our participatory visuals to unique events. Seeing people interacting with our art is a true inspiration for us and many times leads to meaningful conversations and lasting connections.  see more >
Basically our concepts are all about collaboration. Just by downloading our apps and feeding your inspirations in you are already part of the game. For visual-artists, musicians and other VJs there are more elaborate levels of involvement:  do more >
Basic Research
This is a transdisciplinary field. We integrate ideas from psychology, art philosophy, computing theory and gamification... Follow our research and dive into the books and videos that inspired us.  know more >
Our History
2009 - 2012 2D version
Experimental development and participatory performances in London clubs, bars and galleries.
2013 - 2014 3D version
We switched to GPU rendered 3D graphics: using the Away3D engine (Adobe Air). The visuals became generative and music-reactive. The compositions were defined by our custom declarative language.

We participated on several art exhibitions and we organized open Open Calls to feature other artist's works inside our video installation.
2015. App & Team
Our focus shifting from clubbing and exhibitions to mobile apps and home-entertainment. Building a core team and a looser collaborator network became important.
2016. Unity + VR
The 5. version of the platform: Unity + C# + VR. Full rethink of our declarative language and generative geometries.