Interactive Art & Apps

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Creative Apps
Series of iPad apps for the creative generation. Unlock your inner artist! Mesmerising, ever changing scenery unfolding under your fingertips.
Video Jockey
Club Visuals & Gaming ?
Interactive VJing !
Immersive, improvisative and stunning like video clips! Grab your gamepad and hit the dance floor!
Interactive Screens
From art-galleries to underground clubs and quirky cafes... Our digital concepts exhibited in 'real' spaces.
In search of the social context to connect with.
The Concept
Join me in this transdisciplinary exploration of self-expression and interactive art. Tracing back the roots of the creative process in culture, philosophy and technology.
Since 2002 hundreds of experiments and peculiar ideas. Some of them are still alive, others gracefully left behind... This is here their 'afterlife'...
Electric Jungle
Media art installations
Interactive chaos of electric signs.
My answer to the situation I've born in. Technological knowledge fed through organic desires...