Interactive Art & Apps

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Interactive VISUALS
Whether it's in a club, exhibition or on a corporate event. We inspire the public to interact with our stunning visuals.
Join in and share your creativity !
Creative Apps
Series of iPad apps for the creative generation. Unlock your inner vision! Mesmerising, ever changing scenery unfolding under your fingertips.
Interactive Music Video
Music and visual arts were an everyday form of self-expression in the tribal age and folk culture... Through interactivity we aim to bring back this natural experience!
AV Experiments
Discovering new structures of music and visuals. Instrument by instrument, sound by sound there is a different connection to colors, shapes and animation...
Whether it's an art gallery, office or club, we search for the unique social context to embed our digital art, and inspire meaningful interaction.
The Concept
Join me in this transdisciplinary exploration of self-expression and interactive art. Tracing back the roots of the creative process in culture and technology.