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VJ live act
Visuals & Gaming ? Interactive VJing! As immersive as a video game, as improvisative as musical instruments and more stunning than video clips!
Hit the dance floor and
experience VJ Yourself!
VJ Screens
Creating the venue's visual identity
via permanent visuals and interactive channels. Let's generate the visual journey on-the-fly! Based on custom visual banks and AI algorithms.
This is the interactive experience, that has seemingly endless variations.
Interactive Music Video
Music was always the medium of self-expression. Not only for professionals, but for the whole community. Our aim to bring back this creative experience, and let you play your feelings out with our interactive videos.
Creative Apps
Series of iPad apps sharing our latest ideas with the touch savvy generation. Experiment freely with interactive art,
without the knowledge of coding or computer graphics . . .
Get involved with your feedback and creative ideas!
Open Art App
We reinterpret the classic space of an art gallery by exhibiting our artists in a generative virtual reality.

These mind-bending spatial structures let our audience experience art from a whole new perspective.
Electric Jungle
Interactive chaos of electric signs.
this is my Jungle, my answer to the situation I've born in. Technological knowledge fed through organic desires. I'm the spider in-between: as nature bound as hi-tech obsessed. Analogue & Digital in the same body!
I love to dance, with my body and with my video too. What I love even more, when other dancers accompany my live video, and we all dance together!
Check these amazing collaborations,
and don't hesitate to contact us, if u have a play in your mind!
Research & ART
Meet Andor Merks, the artist, whose interactive experiments and research are behind VJ Yourself !

Know more about the philosophical background, post modern art and cognitive psychology!
Since 2002 we went through hundreds of different concepts and peculiar ideas. Some of them are still in the platform, some gracefully left behind.

Here we saved some of our prehistoric gems for a happy 'afterlife'