Live Visual States
Imagine an age when we will fluently communicate via images, just like through speech. Projecting our fantasies and emotions for the others to see, and enjoying the immers flow of live visuals we receive as a response.

The live state of self-expression is a core element of our culture: free dance, improvisational music or free-style rap are just a few to mention. Yet, it is still impossible with images, animation or video, due to the time and skills involved in visual compositing.
Contemporary tendencies
Thanks to the recent development in interactive media, there are many new art-forms exploring live visuals: The evolution of Social Media pointing in the same direction as well. By encouraging users to create their own content and developing faster and easier publishing tools: We are getting closer and closer to real-time visual communication.
Fiction & theory
Fiction is an another important source of inspiration. From Gibson's Neuromancer to Hesse's Glass Bead Game there are many thoughtful description of future technologies and cultural games that are enriching our vision.

Through our research and software development we aim to connect these yet separated domains, and distill our concept & framework to contribute to this evolutionary field.

We can't tell, when will a fundamental breakthrough happen. What we can be sure, that year by year our culture, society & economy becomes more dynamic and visual. It breaks down the 'static chains' of old-technologies and textual systems. Any step towards a more live information flow will unlock new aspects of life and reality ... Panta Rhei (Heraclitus) . . .

Further essays and bibliography at our Research page.