FLIP FLOW   iPhone   iPad

Here I share all the fun I had while playing with interactive mirrors and symmetries. With my app I wanted to avoid all those "claptrap" mirroring effects we can see too many times! To make the 'play' more interesting I designed complex maps of patterns and colors. You can enjoy and explore them "under" my mirrors.

With a single finger you move all the patterns at the same time. Try to use two fingers to shift them on separate layers.... We repost & promote the best works, please share with #FlipFlow !


Computer artists, just like the explorers of past centuries, eagerly dive into the Unknown. Sailing algorithmic seas, exploring islands of iterating logic. They are the contemporary mapmakers, linking humanity to bountiful 'New Horizons'.

Here at 'Space Exp', I composed my artistic explorations into combinatoric spaces,
opening up my aesthetics for collaboration and further discovery.


Touch the screen and mesmerising animation unfolds under your fingertips. Choose your favourite patterns and immerse in this soulful experience. Add some special effects ( like the GyroShift ) and enjoy your creation on a whole new level. In Touchy Pond, like in a magic mirror, you will see your inner joy and happiness as you immerse in the flow of self-expression...

In the 19th century Harmonograph became a stunning spectacle in Europe. Through my artistic vision I reinterpret this centuries old invention spiced up with retro wave graphics... Tune your harmonies and ride the waves! We repost & promote the best works, please share with #NuWaves !