organic cyber art
2003 - present
Interactive chaos of electric signs.

We left the jungle at the birth of our civilization. By today in our postmodern / precyber age it fully recreated itself from plastic and metal meshed with wired and wire-less signals parallel in reality and in blooming virtual spaces.

Welcome to the Machine
-   Pink Floyd

This is my Jungle, my answer to the situation I've born in. Technological knowledge fed through organic desires. I'm the connecting spider: as nature bound as hi-tech obsessed. I knit digital chaos by art.

Knit forward, join the pattern and let The Jungle spread!

Electric Jungle is an interactive mixed-media installation
encompassing video, lights and kinetic objects.

"Growing" since 2003 in Budapest, Berlin and London. As an open art-work it encourages people to donate gadgets and old electric equipments helping the "Jungle" to an organic growth.

Major exhibitions

2003. Frankhill Land Art Festival, Budapest
2005. Tacheles Kunsthaus, Berlin
2007 - present Szimpla Kert, Budapest
2013. Hundread Years Gallery, London
2013. Digital Shoreditch, London

Full Timeline