Through my interactive works
I examine new aspects of human self-expression.

Though most can express themselves through speech, it is a minority who do so via the medium of music or imagery. We may all be able to dream but only some choose to share their dreams, aspirations and subconscious with the world at large. Thanks to the ongoing revolution in interactive media this situation is changing rapidly: mass consumption is turning into "mass-creation"... the centuries old barrier between the creator and the audience is blurring away on an unprecedented pace.

From the moment I first saw a VJ (Video Jockey) performing in a club in 2001 I had a vision of a yet undeveloped art form. Though he was mixing pre-recorded video loops, I imagined the evolution of his medium and tools. The birth of a new expression-form: inter-personal communication via images, projecting our feelings and fantasies for the other to see, fluently like human speech.

This is the dawn of interactive media, a new frontier to explore, develop and share.

I approach from two directions: Technology & Psychology. Using a variety of new interactive devices and building experimental databases are the key to utilize digital technology to facilitate the interactive image generation. In order to adapt these computer codes to our visual culture I need to follow our brain's cognitive patterns. In my works these two fields ( Psyche & Tech ) self-reciprocate one another's evolution.

Beside my own experiments my research focuses to find corresponding endeavours like Jung's Active Imagination concept, H. Hesse's Glass Bead Game or W. Gibson's cyberspace-vision.

Join me in this exploration of self expression,
and help to shape the future of interactive media!

Andor Merks - London - 2012