For many people back in the 90s PoMo looked like an intellectual science fiction. Much hype around it, but actually couldn't show significant solutions for the generation baffled by the overshadowing chaos and complexity of media, economy and international affairs. Passive surrender and superior intellectual vantage points, all it offered for us, lost in this late capitalist jungle. It made clear though, this 'condition' we all merged in is something very different from the 'progressive' future, the modernists dreamed about. We lost our intellectual momentum by colliding the masses of popular media, immersed in it's hypnotic pixels petting our senses and nurturing our ego. No more action was necessary.

What I'm fed on is not the action part of PoMo. Me as a startup founder and social-equality activist, I have my own motivations, based on other non-postmodern investigations and understanding of society and economy. I don't believe technological progress 'on the loose' will liberate people ( eg. self-regulating feedback systems). Human culture is an ancient struggle and evolution. Unpredictable and shaped by actual outstanding human beings throughout history. I can't surrender from my personal responsibility. I throw my hat into the ring, and act out my intellect on the battlefield of digital media. What is PoMo then?

PoMo is inspiration.
These French dudes saved me 'big time' by mapping, questioning and debating phenomena, that was perceived as mere intellectual games that time, but actually opened up a wide horizon to tackle new media technologies, getting available for masses just right now!

A revival of the 80s 90s holo / virtual / cyber fantasies happening right now ... as industrial realities. What was back then weirdo introverts' 'escapism' became 'cool' 'trendy' and blockbuster mainstream. These new technologies in style, myths and meta narratives has a legacy of the cyberpunk & PoMo guys. For me this decade is about a neo-postmodern, neo-cyber awakening. Lyotard and Baudrillard are among my 'fountain heads' I'm carefully attaching my pipes to filter out source materials for the construction (and deconstruction) of collective 'un-realities'.

Andor Merks - London - 2015