We can consider computers based on mathematical logic,the projection of the rational side of our mind. We the 'creators' shaped it that way, to extend our mind's capacity and capabilities. But we shouldn't forget there is a 'less documented' part of our intellect : the unconscious. At the early stage of computing these part remained consciously unrepresented, and it's random appearances was considered as system errors, and unmercifully wiped out ( whenever has discovered)

These deeply rational 'universal machines' hence are able to represent and simulate any kind of forms and messages. I mean keeping the rational structures in their circuits and basic code, can deliver store and transform any kind of imagery and communication. Thanks to the home computers, Internet and social media, these 'strictly logical' machines got exposed to the masses in an uncontrolled manner (from a psychological n not political point of view ) so humanity collectively started to upload and share everything that came into their mind. (Cat videos, porn, glitch and hyper cute art ) how a conscious act of humanity was the invention and build of the computer, so unconsciously we created a chaotic sea of signs meanings and online desires, representing all was suppressed by the superego filters.

Here I have to express my view about rational thinking in general : as history and philosophy proved, rational reasoning always dwells on the premises (axioms) we choose without any proofs. These axioms will define the morality hidden in that system. There always have to be some 'irrational' starting point, what cames from these 'undefined' realms of our intellect.

The chaotic nature of culture and media, the postmodern thinkers faced, and tried to map is due to the automatic representation of our unconscious mind. (Lyotard - Discourse, figure ). For me postmodern is the first intellectual account from our rational thought , that we can't stop and judge our unconscious , but collectively have to surrender, and re start the conversation from an equal or (minority ) point of view.

" It all sounds pretty chaotic. It's no wonder that we need 'map-makers', intellectuals to chart the depthless new world without a centre. "

Making theories and models are the function of the rational part. So science , media theories ... But know all these co punters (computers) are transferring silly signals of cats and porn , rather than working on the 'meaning of life' -42 and madonnas belly button, popular demand , if we equalise all these aspects of culture , we just equalise unconscious vs. conscious ... N the theory we write about media, is just a media attraction itself (Baudrillard - no gulf war )

The postmodern surrender is already ways better approach than the domination started in the enlightenment. But the real answer is an active engagement and discovery, how Jung suggested it in his 'Active Imagination' concept ...

Andor Merks - London - 2015